Päijät-Häme Grain Cluster

The purpose of the Päijät-Häme Grain Cluster is to promote the regional networking of the cluster companies and the farmer members. It supports the cooperation of grain-processing companies and enhances the profile of the food industry.

The whole value chain of the region is included in the Grain Cluster, from grain producers to industry and retail. The following companies, forming the cluster core, have been active in developing cluster operations.

The Grain Cluster is divided into the bread chain and the beer and beverage chain. In these, the grain is processed through industry, retail and licensed premises to reach consumers, or to continue to further processing.

Bread and beverage chain

The beer and beverage chain consists of ca. 450 barley farmers in the Päijät-Häme region, employing over 1000 people. The bread chain includes ca. 500 rye, barley and wheat farmers, providing a livelihood and employment for nearly 1200 people.


The cluster also has three committees: the Bio-Byproduct committee, the Image and Travel committee, and the Grain Club. They each foster their allotted fields, with a focus on the cluster members’ shared needs and the over-all development of the grain industry.