The Strategy of Päijät-Häme Grain Cluster

Mission Statement


To promote cooperation among the members of the regional grain chain, to create good preconditions for their operation in the region now and in the future, and to increase the appreciation of the grain industry..


The grain cluster is an internationally renowned, prospering and innovative business hub of the grain industry in Päijät-Häme. Its member companies are financially successful and lucrative partners for farmers, customers as well as employees.


  • A shared innovation environment that is open and evolving.

Operational Emphases

  • Ensuring the availability of a safe, locally sourced, high-quality raw material.
  • Ensuring the availability of capable workforce.
  • Making use of the cluster’s scale benefits in terms of marketing as well as energy, water and byproducts.
  • Combining the operating models and procedures of companies of different sizes to create a unique innovation environment.


  • Increasing the number of companies involved in the cluster.
  • Creating a grain industry centre of excellence and research in Päijät-Häme.
  • Using shared innovations to increase the value added of the industry.
  • Making Lahti the beer capital and Päijät-Häme the beer region of Finland.