Fazer Mill


Originally, Fazer Mill was founded in Lahti in 1971 to ensure the supply of flour of adequate quality for Oy Karl Fazer Ab’s own bakeries. Later the Fazer Mill clientele has expanded to include customers outside the Fazer Group in Finland and abroad. Export to European, Russian and Asian markets has gained a significant role.

Fazer Mill offers high quality grain products and support services to discerning customers. The product range includes flours, flakes, mixes, bread improvers, blends and fibres. Thanks to strong research and development as well as modern production lines, Fazer Mill can offer its customers consistency of quality and reliability in delivery and baking characteristics.

Fazer Mill engages in constant product quality control, while also actively participating in the development of product and manufacturing processes together with its customers. Naturally, a key requirement for high-quality grain products is high-quality raw material, which is primarily sourced directly from Finnish farmers.

Grain Purchasing at Fazer Mill

Grain acquisition at Fazer Mill is largely based on direct contract farming and direct acquisition from Finnish farmers. The grain most processed by Fazer Mill is wheat, with rye taking the second place. The role of oats in the company’s operations is very much on the increase. The oat mill at Fazer Mill began operating in fall 2013, which has brought about the need for purchasing hulled oats. The doubling of the capacity of the oat mill, begun in 2016 and finishing in spring 2017, will further increase the need for oats. The Fazer Mill product range also includes organic products, which account for the need for organic wheat, rye and oats.

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