K-Citymarkets in Lahti

The first K-citymarket in Finland was founded in Paavola, Lahti as early as 1971. At the moment, there are over 80 K-citymarkets in over 50 localities all over Finland. K-citymarket Laune is a couple of kilometres south of Lahti city centre, while the newest K-citymarket in Lahti is located in the Karisma shopping centre along the highway 4.

The K-citymarket chain is always evolving. A K-citymarket is your easy, one-stop source for a family’s everyday needs and festive occasions. The K-citymarket retailers and their staff offer the widest and most versatile range of fresh produce, such as bread, meat and fish as well as fruit and vegetables. The different departments with clear production information become a real customer experience that reflects the expertise of the K-citymarkets. The retailers with their networks ensure that the excellent local and regional products are available at K-citymarkets.
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K-citymarket Paavola

K-citymarket Laune

K-citymarket Karisma


K-Citymarket Lahti Laune